Fundraising Opportunities

Check out these fundraising options available to help your school earn Prairie Woods Bucks.  
Interested???  Give us a call!

We want your shoes!    Collect gently worn shoes and earn Prairie Woods Bucks for attending programs at Prairie Woods.  
De-clutter the closets, save landfill space, help provide shoes to people in developing countries, and your students help earn their trip to Prairie Woods.

Here's how it works:  
WorldWear Project 
Option # 1
 Call us at 320-354-5894 and we'll walk you through a simple process-
*  You provide a contact person for your school or organization and a shipping address and tell us how many boxes you would like.   Boxes are 18"x18"x30".
** Boxes are shipped flat to you w/ return labels via UPS.
***Collect gently worn shoes, boots and running shoes.  Shoes should be in good condition w/ out holes etc.   Tie laces of pairs of shoes together and use rubber band or string to keep pairs together when they do not have laces.
****  When boxes are filled, call us and we will arrange for  UPS to pick them up from your site and deliver them to our recycler at WorldWear.  Boxes will be weighed and your group will receive a credit of  approximately $25 per box to be deducted from your program fees at Prairie Woods.

WorldWear Project 
Option #2
*Just bring shoes along on your trip to Prairie Woods and we will box them up and credit the number of boxes filled to your account.

Virtually every family with school age children, regardless of income, will have shoes that have been outgrown.   Your students can collect shoes from just the families in their classroom or make it a school-wide or community-wide effort.    Consider the learning opportunities that can occur as students plan how to market and publicize their efforts, create posters, decorate the shoe collection boxes, calculate how many shoes will fill a box, calculate volume of landfill space saved, practice goal-setting, select the best locations for the collection boxes etc.    Share your creative efforts on the Prairie Woods Facebook page.

The only cost to the school may be some packing tape to seal up boxes for shipment and whatever supplies may be used for marketing your efforts.
There are no costs for shipping the boxes to or from the school.  Also, we can provide templates for flyers and posters which you can easily customize for your school.

Call us today to start earning Prairie Woods Bucks for your school through the WorldWear shoe collection fundraiser.

CLIMB for a CAUSE! w/ the Portable Climbing Wall
Put the Prairie Woods Pinnacle to work to help your school raise funds to participate in environmental education and outdoor recreation programs with Prairie Woods Environmental Learning Center.    Talk w/ our staff about how we can bring the portable climbing wall to a community festival or special event in your community.  Your group helps to run the portable climbing wall under direction of PWELC climbing staff.  One group raised over $6000 by soliciting pledges to see local celebrities challenge themselves on the wall.  Other groups have organized competitions and challenged other organizations to a climbing competition or to see who could raise the most pledges (how about-   teachers vs. students, seniors vs. juniors, cross-country team vs. football, cheerleaders vs. maintenance staff, or ???? use your imagination- have fun and raise funds!    Call us.

*****These fundraising project are also available for YES! Teams.   YES! Teams please talk to your YES! Coordinator to learn how easy it is to get going on this project.**** 

More to come!!!